Read lot, know lot: slogans on books

The following slogans were submitted by students as part of the slogan writing competition held during Book Week celebrations.

  • Read lot, know lot. (Meghna R Dinesh, X-C)
  • Books are one of the finest material or equipment that can cure all types of emptiness. (Anu M, X-C)
  • Live in books. Be in books. Be with books. (Anandhu Narayanan, X-C)
  • Books: Read, think, imagine and develop a genius in you. (Aparna B Varghese, X-C)
  • Books are the key to wisdom. (Vidhu Krishnan, X-C)
  • Books are life. Life is books (Bibin Biju, IX-A)
  • Books are the streetlights that light up the street called life. (Devi Ardra, IX-A)
  • Success never ends, failure never stops. Knowledge never misguides. Read, read, read for a better and enlightened future. (Gopika B Kurup, IX-A)
  • Lighten your reading, brighten your future. (Salama Bathool, IX-A)
  • Read to live, live to read. (Vaishnav P, VIII_A)
  • A book, a pen, a teacher and a student can change the world. (Fathima Zahra H (VIII-A)
  • Books are our never failing companions. Trust them. (Aavani AN, X-C)
  • Books: gateway to knowledge, liberty and wisdom. (Aswanth R, VIII-B)
  • Books are our friends when we are lonely. (Kulsum Khader, VI-A)
  • Books are the best of friends. (Sanal, X-C)
  • Read books and make your future bright. (Adarsh S Suresh, VII-C)
  • Books are the key to knowledge. (Sahil Sarun, VII-C)
  • Books are our path to knowledge. (Nakshathra S Raveendaran)
  • Books are our key to success. (Anagha A, VII-C)
  • Books develop knowledge. Knowledge develop books. (Reshmi Rajeev, VII-C)
  • Reading is fun. (Anjana S Kumar, VII-C)
  • Fools believe that the most precious thing in this world is money. But wise people know that it is books. (Sreelakshmi S, IX-C)
  • Books are like light. Like light removes darkness, books remove darkness from our stressed life. (Sandra Prasanth, IX-C)
  • Reading books light up even the darkest moment of one’s life. (Anakha Satheesh, IX-C)
  • Books are the most important and the most powerful weapon we have. (Arya R Nair, VIII-C)
  • Books won’t come to us. We have to go to them. (Devi S Nair, VIII-C)
  • Books are our friends in the true sense, no demands and no commands, as it is known by all. (Adithi Sajan, X-C)
  • Books are the precious gems of our life. (Avantika S Jiji, VIII-A)

Book Week competitions results (Shift II)

Here are the winners of the Book Week competitions (Shift II).

1. Varsha B S (VII-B)
2. Sneha S Raj (VIII-C)
3. Nila B (VII-B)

1. Aisha Beevi H S (VIII-A)
2. Arya M S (VIII-A)
3. Anagha A (VIII-A)

1. Arundhathi Nair (IX-A)
2. Aisha Samad (IX-A)
3. Arya Nanda S (IX-B)

1. Anna B Varghese (VI-A)
2. Hanna Fathima (VI-B)
3. Amruth S (VI-B)

1. Vijayalekshmi (IX-C)
2. Aisha Samad (IX-A)
3. R Abhilash (X-B)

Book Week competitions results (Shift I)

Here are the winners of the Book Week competitions (Shift I).

1. Anjali AR (XI-A)
2. Sivani R (XII-B)
3. Anagha Anil (IX-C)

Primary Section
1. Meenakshy S Nair (IV-B)
2. Keerthana S (V-B)
3. Sara Biju (V-B)

Secondary Section
1. Gowri Haby (IX-C)
2. Anagha Anil (IX-C)
3. Neha Nasim (VII-B)

1. Nandana M (VIII-B)
2. Jennifer M Jiji (VIII-B)
3. Jawad S (VIII-B)

1. Gopika B Kurup (IX-A)
2. Fathima Zahra (VIII-A)
3. Devi Ardra (IX-A) and Sandra Prasanth (IX-C)

Book Week celebration

Books are keys to wisdom’s treasure;
Books are gates to lands of pleasure;
Books are paths that upward lead;
Books are friends. Come, let us read.
― Emilie Poulsson

The Book Week celebration at KV Adoor started on 15th November (since 14th November was a holiday on account of Guru Nanak Jayanthi). The following programmes were conducted in both the shifts.

  • Reading of one book review in the morning assembly everyday. The reviews were written by the students themselves of their favourite books.
  • The following classwise competitions were organized during libray periods – bookmark designing, poster making, cover page designing, essay writing and slogan writing.
  • A story writing competition house-wise for primary as well as the secondary sections during the CCA periods of the week.
  • Story recitation by primary section in the morning assembly.
  • An online quiz competition for classes 9 to 12 was conducted for both shifts combined.
  • A three-day book fair will be held on 28-30 November, 2016.