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Book Review: Life of Pi by Yann Martel

Life of Pi is the story of how a teen-aged boy and a Bengal tiger survive a ship-wreck. The boy is named Piscine (after Piscine Park, Paris). His father is a zoo-keeper in Pondicherry. When the government acquires his land he decides to move his zoo with all the animals to USA in a ship. Then the ship-wreck happens and Pi (the boy has shortened his name from Piscine) and the tiger are the only survivors. The rest of the story is about their struggle for survival for 30 days.

I liked this book because the author has written the story in an interesting manner. This book has got the Booker Prize.

Reviewed by: Vinayakan S Kumar, VII-C, Shift I

Book Review: Extra class! by Siddharth Oberoi

Ananya has just joined the presidency convent school in Delhi. She sees that this school is very much different from her last school at Raipur. Back there she was everyone’s roll model. But here, things have changed. Everyone barely notice her.

Ananya is a very good debater. As she wishes to join the debate club, the school head girl, Natasha keeps her from doing so. The very next month there is supposed to be a debate competition in a nearby boys high school, Bishop Boys. Will Ananya be able to join the debate club? Will she be in the group of debaters who will compete in Bishop Boys? Will Natasha stop her from competing? Find out in the Backbenchers series book The Extra Class! by Siddharth Oberoi.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Mary Jiji, Class 8-B

Book Review: Bourne Betrayal by Eric Van Lustbader

This is sure to be a hit among Ludlum fans. This novel is authored by Eric Van Lustbader. Although, this book is not written by Ludlum, the world’s favourite thrill fiction writer, this book doesn’t disappoint fans as Lustbader has the potential to rival even Ludlum. This Bourne adventure may lack its feel because most of the other important characters are either absent or dead. But Lustbader makes up for this with his hair-raising adventures, assassinations and crazy high-way chasing scenes. As usual the book lives up to its tag of a Ludlum, and delivers a heart-stopping, suspenseful climax.

Reviewed by: Paulson K Shaji, Class 10-D

Book Review: Young Samurai – The Ring of Earth by Chris Bradford

Title of the Book – Young Samurai: The Ring of Earth
Author – Chris Bradford

I loved this book because it is full of surprises.

This is the story of a young samurai named Jack Fletcher. He was a gaijin, meaning a foreigner. The daimya Akechi was forbidding gaijins from entering Japan. In this story Jack joins one of the ninja clans to study ninjutsu. Using his fighting skills he is able to reach Nagasaki without the Akechi samurai’s being aware of it. In his journey he realises that all the ninjas are not bad and, likewise, all samurais are not good. It is an incredible adventure that you should read about.

I’d give this book a score of 8 out of 10.

Book review by – Athul Rony, Class VI-A