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Elisabetta Dami

Elisabetta Dami is an Italian children’s fiction writer and author of books for children.

Elisabetta Dami was born in 1958 in Milan, Italy. The daughter of publisher Piero Dami (founder of Dami Editore in 1972), she began working as a proofreader at the family publishing house and began to write her first stories at the age of 26.

Her experience gained from assisting sick children as a volunteer led to the idea of writing adventure stories featuring a mouse, Geronimo Stilton, as protagonist.

Her most famous work is the Geronimo Stilton series. Her other books have Thea Stilton and the Thea Sisters as the main characters. The Thea Sisters include Colette, Nicky, Pamela, Paulina, and Violet.

In 1999 Dami began to collaborate with the Piemme publishing house, which, decided to produce a collection of books for children. Since 2000, when the first story came out, 100 million copies have been sold in 150 countries and in 40 different languages. Intended for all children, she has written more than 100 books.

Source: Goodreads

Book Review: Extra class! by Siddharth Oberoi

Ananya has just joined the presidency convent school in Delhi. She sees that this school is very much different from her last school at Raipur. Back there she was everyone’s roll model. But here, things have changed. Everyone barely notice her.

Ananya is a very good debater. As she wishes to join the debate club, the school head girl, Natasha keeps her from doing so. The very next month there is supposed to be a debate competition in a nearby boys high school, Bishop Boys. Will Ananya be able to join the debate club? Will she be in the group of debaters who will compete in Bishop Boys? Will Natasha stop her from competing? Find out in the Backbenchers series book The Extra Class! by Siddharth Oberoi.

Reviewed by: Jennifer Mary Jiji, Class 8-B

Book review: Well done, Secret Seven

Author: Enid Blyton

This book is about a robbery. The Secret Seven have a new meeting place, that is on the top of a tree. Colin spots a man on the wall of the garden. Soon the Seven have a new friend, Jeff. He gives them some clues regarding the robbery. Will the Seven be able to find the thief? Read this engrossing book to find out.

Book review by: Karthik Murali, 6-B

Book review: Five have a wonderful time

Author: Enid Blyton
Brief summary: Julian, Anne and Dick go off to Faynights Castle without George and Timmy. Soon they join them, that is George and Timmy join them. They see in the newspapers that two scientists, Terry-Kane and Jefferey Pattersham are missing. After that they find
that there are four towers in the castle and only one of them is complete. In the window sill of the complete tower they spot a face! Will the Five be able to find whose face it is? Read this exciting Famous Five adventure.

Book review by: Karthik Murali, VI-B